What happens when you become a stay-at-home mother after twelve years as a working woman and your child has food allergies?  You cook, and bake, and cook some more!  You cook, experiment, and cook some more!  And then one day, your husband tells you that your food tastes better than the food that he eats at high-end restaurants in major cities all over the world.  Is love blind, or is there some truth in that nugget?  Well, the only way to find out is to trust your tastebuds…

Who might be interested in my approach to preparing food?  Those of you who:

  • Have friends or family with allergies to dairy, egg, sesame, nuts, beef, lamb, or flounder;
  • Embrace a healthy style of cooking;
  • Don’t mind cooking kosher-style;
  • Prefer simple, flavorful food; and/or
  • Stock your kitchen with items that are not necessarily marketed with food allergies in mind (i.e., you don’t typically use and are not really sure about various food substitutes like xanthum gum, flax seed, egg replacers).

So take a look at these ideas and try out these recipes…some are my original, many are my original modifications to others’, and several are links to others’ that are too good to alter at all!  Whatever you do, modify, modify, modify, and trust your tastebuds!

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