Monkey Cake

Want to make the best banana bread you’ve ever eaten…without eggs or dairy! Well here it is on  No need to mess with this recipe. The only modification that I sometimes make is to add another banana depending on how large and ripe the ones that I have handy are. And I make this in a brownie square pan. Love it. I use Canola oil in the recipe and to grease the pan.  I also use a potato masher to mash the bananas.

The MONKEY modification

Since my child adores Curious George, and he adores this banana cake recipe even more, I have made this banana cake in the shape of a monkey (you can buy the mold from Wilton’s online). For his two-year old birthday party, instead of chocolate frosting, which is not recommended for preserving furniture or the sanity of the parents of his friends, I decided to frost this monkey with vanilla frosting from, decorated with raisins. What two-year old (and his parents) doesn’t love raisins!