Ok.  So it’s the middle of the winter.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are in supply, but if you live in a colder climate, variety is a bit more limited.  You sense that your toddler (and you) are in a food rut.  Day after day, your toddler (and you) eat the same foods.  Chicken.  Apples.  Oranges.  Banana.  Soy yogurt.  Hum.  Drum.  How do you reenergize lunchtime and reincorporate vegetables that your toddler has refused to touch for weeks?  Try This!

Roast chicken and Sweet Potato Rollup

Roast chicken is amazing, but after the first portion of it, it can become a bit tedious.  Not so, if you make a rollup!  My toddler used to love sweet potatoes, but recently has undertaken a sweet potato strike.  He loves, however, soy nut butter and Earth’s Balance vegan buttery spread.  Granted, sweet potatoes are a bit more orange in color, but aha, he apparently likes them when they are spread inside a “chewy pita” rollup, aka, Middle Eastern flatbreads from Trader Joe’s (check the ingredients to make sure they are ok with your allergies).  Pita bread that is ingredient-friendly for your needs works too (for example, always check the ingredients, but I have found some Joseph’s Wheat pita bread that my toddler can eat that is more widely available).

Put one flatbread on a plate.  Spread a thick slice of leftover sweet potato, sans skin, on the flatbread.  Sprinkle small pieces of white meat from the roast chicken on top of the sweet potato, and roll it up!  Cut into thin slices, and cut in half again depending on how much your toddler likes to stuff in his mouth at once.  Serve!  Make yourself one of these rollups too…Monkey see, monkey do.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget, if you don’t have any fresh sweet potatoes on hand, you can buy frozen chunks of sweet potatoes that are easy to defrost and just as spreadable).