It’s that time of year again when cranberries abound, and the weather in New England is just chilly enough to magnify cravings for warm drinks after returning home from a long walk in a windy city. If you’re going to drink something warm, you of course must have something sweet to go with it. What better accompaniment than not too sweet cranberry orange muffins?

I found this great Recipe on-line. I used it to make mini-muffins rather than full-size ones. I like this recipe in particular because the consistency is more of a scone than a muffin, and they are not too sweet. I substituted fresh squeezed orange juice for store bought, and I added a little extra after the dough was mixed to loosen it up a bit. I suggest adding a few more cranberries as well. I used soy milk for the milk. These are yummy. One other tweak — if you tend to like a sweeter muffin, taste the sweetness of the oranges that you use for the zest and the juice — if they are not super sweet, add a little more sugar to suit your palette — and trust your tastebuds!

The only challenge is figuring out a way to make these bite-sized treats last for more than a day!  Enjoy!