Sometimes I get tired of chicken, and more chicken, and more chicken…yet I want something hearty to eat.  Kale is good for you, right?  And chickpeas are a great source of protein.  So how do you combine the two with a little zing?  Here’s a great Recipe from the New York Times.  It is a crowd pleaser, and you can adjust the spiciness by adding more or less crushed red pepper.  I also skip the part about pulsing the tomatoes in the food processor.  Just using diced tomatoes seems to do the trick and creates a more stew-like sauce.  And who needs the extra piece of equipment to clean!  Also, usually I just follow the directions on the container for making couscous.  This also tastes good with other grains…rice, whole wheat pasta, as either a Main course or a side dish.  Enjoy!