I’ve always been intimidated by and intrigued about making molten chocolate cakes.  I remember the first time I had one — in college, at a local foodie bistro.  It was so decadent and yummy.  Most of the recipes that I have seen are full of butter.  One day it occurred to me to search for a vegan version, and Voila, I found this recipe on another food blog — if you follow the link, you will see that the recipe originates from Chef Chloe, who is known for her vegan and not always nut-free cooking.  So I tried it with a few modifications…I used soy milk instead of almond milk, I did not grease or line with the parchment paper the ramekins (so I served the cakes in the ramekins themselves — how do you cut perfect circles of parchment paper to fit inside ramekins anyway?!), and I only added about 1 tsp of sugar to the raspberry sauce.  I also mixed the dry ingredients the day before, and prepared the ramekins with the batter at the beginning of the dinner.  I put them in the oven toward the end of the main course.  The result received rave reviews from my dinner guests.  And my husband and I enjoyed the sixth one cold the next night — interestingly, some of the chocolate chips in the cake had reformed once they cooled off.  So rich and chocolatey…as my husband likes to say, definitely add this to the rotation.