I had a hankering for a delicious, simple vanilla cupcake, the kind that I used to eat on my birthday as a child.  So I googled vegan vanilla cupcakes, and I found this recipe on the “it doesn’t taste like chicken” vegan food blog.

I followed the recipe, and I used soymilk for the nondairy milk.  And, I added a little surprise.  Instead of frosting them, I put two Enjoy Life chocolate chunks in the middle of the top of each cupcake before I baked them.  When they were done baking, the chunks had descended to the inside of the cupcakes, so that when I ate one warm, it had a gooey yummy chocolate center inside.  A big hit with preschoolers!  Once the cupcakes cool off, the chocolate chunks reform, so if you would like it gooey the next day (if there are any left!), you may want to microwave them for a few seconds.  Not too sugary, and a yummy birthday-esque treat.  I recommend them sans frosting, as they might be a bit too sweet depending on your topping.