Yesterday, I realized that we overbought bread last weekend…and I had a huge German sourdough boule on my counter that hadn’t been touched.  It also was housed in one of those plastic bags with holes in it, so that the hardness of the crust gave “crusty bread” a whole new meaning.  So I thought, I haven’t made bread pudding in awhile.  Luckily, with a quick Google search, I found this easy recipe for vegan bread pudding.  I was skeptical that the liquid mixture would congeal sufficiently to avoid bread soup.  And I was pleasantly surprised!  I let the bread and the liquid mixture soak for a few minutes before baking, and I baked it for 35 minutes because it was a bit underdone at the recommended 30 minutes.  But then…let’s just say that my husband and I kept going back for just one more spoonful.  When our little one politely had requested at bedtime that we make sure that we save some for him for the next day, we laughed.  Alas, he had great insight, because after we had eaten half the pan, we quickly stowed the rest in the fridge to make sure we didn’t let our little one down.  He gobbled up a serving the next day (as did we)!  So be on notice…it’s hard not to eat the whole pan!